Thai Expat Guide Through The U.S.

Ignacio S. Russel

About Me

Hi, my name is Ignacio S. Russell and welcome to my blog. As you can see, I come from Thailand, and I moved to the U.S. five years ago. One of the reasons why I founded this blog is to help all people coming from Thailand. Changing your country can be a challenging experience, many people feel lost and disoriented. Fortunately, on my blog, you will be able to find the latest information, how to get around the country, what are your job possibilities and how to settle?

Ever since I was a college student I dreamed of moving to U.S. At that time, the best country for me was New York, but I soon found out it’s too expensive. Since then I moved several times and finally decided to go to Indianapolis and start my life here. Soon I found a job, and even though the temperatures are high, the people are friendly and welcoming.


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